FSG Fatima Safety Glass


FSG-GLASS - Frequently Asked Questions.

Since launching our FSG-GLASS range of stained glass art, auto glass manufacturing and regarding elite class glass furniture, we are regularly asked a number of similar questions relating to these exciting products. We have therefore produced the following list of answers to the most frequently asked questions on FSG-GLASS:

How is FSG-GLASS fitted?

FSG-GLASS can be placed using a simple mirror bond/adhesive. Tubes of this can be added to your order if required.

What are the minimum & maximum sizes?

We can digitally print onto pieces of glass as small as 150mm x 100mm right up to as big as 2500mm x 1500mm. You can also place multiple pieces/panels next to each other for a larger overall size.

Can holes/cut outs be included?

Off course, depending on the size of the glass panel, cut outs and drilled holes can be included for additional costs. 

Do you provide a Installation or fitting?

At this moment in time, we don't. However, each FSG-GLASS project is different so please contact our team directly to discuss this further.

What are the delivery/lead times?

FSG-GLASS is produced to order. We aim for a complete turnaround of 4 weeks. It could be faster, however this is the timeframe we set ourselves.

How much does it cost? 

For a quote, please contact our team with the required dimensions.